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Web Design & Development Services

Take a look at my skillset and read about what I can do for your business

WordPress Development

I create WordPress templates from scratch and I’m able to modify any existing WordPress template to your specification. I also take care of various types of jQuery and PHP coding to enhance and expand my WordPress templates.

Business Websites

People are doing internet searches all day looking for the goods and services you have to offer in your location or niche. Your business needs an internet presence established by building, growing and maintaining a solid website.

Search Engine Optimization

All of my web design projects are developed with search engine visibility in mind, coded with valid HTML5 and taking advantage of the latest SEO trends. I also can do work on your existing website that is in need of some SEO attention.

HTML5 & CSS3 Coding

All of my HTML5 and CSS3 coding is written by hand and markup kept 100% valid whenever possible. All of my web design projects are started off from a blank canvas and never use any store bought templates or outsourcing in my work.

Domain & Hosting Setups

I can get all of your domain names, website files and SQL databases configured on any of the popular web hosts out there. I work efficiently with well known services such as but not limited to Hostgator, Network Solutions, Fatcow & Godaddy.

Social Media Integration

In addition to having your own website, being active on all of the major social media providers is another way of drawing people closer to your business and/or brand. I can get you started on Facebook, Twitter and integrated on your website.

E-Commerce Websites

Do you provide a service or offer a product that you can earn money from via the internet? If so, an e-commerce website will provide you with another stream of income. I also take care of the security standards involved with these projects.

Website Fixes & Edits

If you aren’t currently in the market to invest yourself into a brand new website project, I have some other options to consider. I have the skills to edit, alter & maintain the web coding work inside of your existing website at an affordable cost.

General IT Consulting

I have over 15 years of expert level Microsoft Windows & General IT experience including high tier professional work. I have the experience and know how to get your website design or IT project pointed in the proper direction.